Accent Modification

Word By Mouth’s accent modification program Accent Assist has been designed for professionals wishing to improve their spoken English skills. Our specialists are trained in the Compton P-ESL accent modification method and are members of Speech Pathology Australia and the Institute of Language & Phonology, the international leaders in accent modification. With both male and female instructors, our team can assist with improving accent and communication skills of both native and non-native English speakers. 

Accent modification is a systematic method for changing speech patterns, including pronunciation, voice production, intonation, and rhythm. Working with an accent modification specialist, clients become familiar with the basic sounds of spoken English and identify those sounds that are challenging.  Clients learn how rate, melody, rhythm and placement are as important for clear speech as properly formed vowels and consonants.  Clients can also work on vocal presentation including pitch, loudness, and intonation.

At Word By Mouth Pty Ltd, our speech & language pathologists have specialist knowledge in improving communication skills of both native and non-native speakers in the areas of:

  • Pronunciation of consonants and vowels
  • Rhythm and timings
  • Intonation
  • Syllable Stress
  • Melody of Speech

Accent Assist is an Australian adaptation of the Compton P-ESL accent modification program. Our accent modification program can assist in:

  • Better understanding of the Australian accent, including vowel sounds
  • Employing techniques to appropriately use formal and informal language
  • Knowledge of Australian colloquial terms

Word By Mouth works with individuals and organisations to achieve optimal communication. The most valuable asset to an organisation is its people – and it is the way that this human resource effectively communicates that enables a business to be successful and efficient.  Without effective communication, an organisation may fail to achieve its full potential.

Our accent modification program Accent Assist can be tailored to one:one or groups. We offer weekly (over 10 weeks) and intensive programs * (subject to availability).

Anyone who speaks English as a second language or whose accent impacts on their personal or professional life can benefit from Word By Mouth Pty Ltd’s accent modification program. Professionals include:

  • Executives & Senior Management
  • Sales & Marketing Executives                             
  • Medical & Para Medical Professionals
  • Emergency workers (Fire, Police, Ambulance)
  • Lawyers
  • Engineers & Construction
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Students (From MBA programs; medical courses) 
  • Professional Voice Users: teachers, broadcasters, call centre operators     

Our clients vary and come from Top 20 ASX Banking & Finance; Pharmaceutical; Legal & Engineering organisations. We also provide services to key Government and Medical sectors.


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