Business Communication

Improve the effectiveness of your oral and written communication skills for business. Word By Mouth Speech Pathology can assist you in developing:

  • Presentation skills – groups presentations; interview skills; telephone techniques
  • Written communication skills – proposals; job applications & CVs; effective writing for a range of mediums ie email, letters, informal writing reports
  • Writing conventions – correct grammar, spelling, use of punctuation rules
  • Effective listening skills– becoming proactive in business meetings; techniques to clearly understand communication partners
  • Everyday communication – making small talk at work; improving language skills in social situations; feeling at ease when networking;
  • Appropriate vocabulary and speaking style– ensuring correct use of vocabulary and phrasing; impact vocabulary
  • Cross cultural understanding – making the most of multiculturalism within the workplace; understanding Australian workplace customs
  • Appropriate body language – self monitoring techniques; how to read/interpret your communication partner’s body language

Our team members at Word By Mouth Speech Pathology have had first hand experience in a range of business disciplines and dealings. In addition to specialist speech pathology skills, our staff also has had intimate knowledge of domestic and international sales & marketing; tourism; local government and economic development. Word By Mouth Speech Pathology looks forward to improving productivity and enhancing your organisation’s communication skills and culture.


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