All Accent Assist programs begin with a personal analysis of each client’s speech patterns. The analysis reveals exactly how a client’s speech production varies from standard Australian English and identifies specific areas for intense practise. The analysis also assists in determing whether a group or individual course is more appropriate, as well as the number of sessions required.

Word By Mouth’s Accent Assist specialists then teach clients appropriate speech modification techniques, as well as the basic sound and principles of Australian English. As fully qualified speech & language pathologists, our team is able to safely re-train clients to produce core sounds appropriately. Clients are then equipped to discriminate between different speech sounds, with special emphasis placed on:

  • pronunciation, particularly vowel sounds
  • complete word production
  • voice projection
  • intonation, rate and inflections (prosody).

Our courses encourage clients to make use of these language fundamentals by practising conversational speech and giving presentations.

To modify a foreign accent takes hard work and dedication. It cannot be done during the course alone. To achieve the greatest improvement possible, clients must practice beyond the Accent Assist course using core strategies learned and by employing the Accent Assist training materials.

Participants of the Accent Assist programs receive:

  • Complimentary pre and post assessment of speech patterns and behaviours
  • Practice workbook containing speech exercises
  • CD-Roms for individual practise, containing visual prompts
  • International Phonetic Alphabet Chart identifying all 44 Australian sounds
  • Complimentary digital software for audio recording

Upon completion of the Accent Assist program, client’s speech patterns and behaviours are analysed again. Results are then compared to the initial analysis so that clients can see the improvements gained.  Accent Assist is an Australian adaptation of the Compton P-ESL accent modification program.

Service Delivery

Programs are available at Word By Mouth Pty Ltd’s offices: in Melbourne’s CBD; at Word By Mouth’s private clinic in Mitcham, Melbourne’s Eastern Suburbs; or at company locations. Consultant rates are charged for travel greater than 20kms from Melbourne’s CBD.

Sessions are offered to individuals (one:one) or within group settings.

Weekly: 10 week program, 1 hour per week

Intensive: 3 day intensive program, 7 hours per day


Phone: +61 (0)438 723 736